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Our Story specialize in career coaching and business mentoring in the service and consulting sectors with special geographical attention to the area of Brussels and the vicinity. We work with individuals and organisations that are ready for transformation. These are individuals who want to take bold steps to grow their business, transform their career and to break down the barriers that have been holding them back. We help people make big decisions and we partner with them to create a new vision for their business.

We have 20+ year experience in the consulting and research sector in several EU countries. As such, we know the research and business as well consulting landscape in the EU, inside-out and have a wide network of organisations that are potential employers for many of you.

Career coaching

We help people who want to start or redefine their career, business and personal goals and make an action plan to change and level up their career and financials. The career coaching sessions include job-search sessions, advice on the development of your CV and job application and tips for job interviews and the job market you are looking to. The sessions are fully tailored to the needs of each individual.

Business mentoring

Business mentoring is addressed to entrepreneurs, freelancers or individuals who consider becoming freelancer (part-time or full-time) or to set up their own business. The sessions target the provision of market analysis information, where needed, clarify or (re)define your business goal and set up and follow an action plan.

Relocation and mobility mentoring

Do you plan to change country or even continent in your search for a new career or accompanying your family or spouse? Do you need advice on the labour market in Belgium? Do you need advice on finding the most suitable area for location and the most suitable accommodation for you? Then, we are a team of international experts who have lived in more than 4 European countries ready to help you with tailored advice on how to settle in Belgium.


Two-hour Workshops have the purpose to provide targeted information on a specific topic related to career development, job search, entrepreneurship and other aspects in the most cost-effective way as they allow a limited to group of individuals to attend. They are also a good set up to learn and develop in an encouraging environment of like-minded people as well as to network and broaden your career options. Workshops allow also time for short individual feedback and are usually the places where additional discounts in our current services are offered.


Bootcamps are usually 4-hour intensive “learning points” or trainings on a specific theme varying from job search, to CV and application tailoring, to business mentoring.

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Success Stories

Even as an American with advanced education and professional skills, trying to crack the Belgian job market seemed daunting to the point of despair. In the space of a single Skype call, Elissavet totally changed my perspective and sense of possibility. Not only was she able to inspire confidence that I could find work suited to my background and goals, but she also had concrete suggestions for potential employers, with some of whom she was able to put me in contact. Of course, Belgium remains a tough job market for foreigners, so my eventual success or failure depends neither upon myself nor Elissavet. However, thanks to her, I now feel as though I have a fighting chance.

Chris, United States of America
Journalist/researcher and doctoral candidate

My career counselling experience with Elissavet has been really positive. She not only provided me guidance to pinpoint my interests, likes, dislikes, and career aspirations, but also discussed with me in detailed sessions the different steps involved in searching for a job. Her extensive experience in the Belgian market is another major plus, especially for expats.

Saba, Belgium
PhD student and expat

I am a professional with a long career in and outside Belgium. Never had been job seeking for last 10 years but now feel the urge to do so. Because of the ‘gap’ I was not really prepared for the actual recruiting methods and procedures, felt unsecure and unprepared. The counselling has helped me a lot, both by regaining skills and confidence. Through the sessions Elissavet reminded me of assets I possess though had forgotten when preparing my documents or (future) interviews, she triggered my potential.

T.A.D., Belgium
Education professional

Advice on the CV and motivation letter was very helpful. As a foreigner living in Europe for the first time and trying to find jobs, advice on the CV format in English and important points to be reflected was very insightful. It would definitely help me preparing for finding future jobs. Through the sessions, now I am clearer about my future steps, and also gained better understanding on what are the important points when I apply for jobs.

M. M., Belgium
Expat freelancer

I found Elissavet to be welcoming and friendly, both during and before/after the sessions. She tailored the sessions to my specific needs and this was both helpful and appreciated.

L. B., Belgium
Communications specialist

I had the pleasure of having 2 career counseling sessions with Elissavet @TheCoach.Team, and I experienced the sessions as very useful, eye opening and pleasant. By giving me direct feedback and handing me a tool that can help me to funnel down my future opportunities, I gained lots of energy and enthusiasm to actually start working on my future career plans. Elissavet’s approach is very professional and handed me, in the short time we had, the necessary tools and insights. I hoped to get feedback on what approach and strategy I should follow, as 55+er, to start looking for new career opportunities. It has delivered more than expected

R. C., IT sales expert, Belgium
IT sales expert

Through this couching I realized how many skills and valuable experiences I have and how to take advantage of them. After each session I felt motivate and eager to find the job that I deserve according to my work experience and my studies. They were those advices that helped me to visualize other fields where I could fit as a professional.

F.A.R., Belgium
Expat architect

Elissavet @TheCoach.Team had very actionable points that were personalized to my current CV. She also gave good tips on how to write a motivational letter, and generally what kind of a job is worth spending the time applying to. I like the way she went straight to the topic and used the time to talk concretely about what was good and what could be improved upon.

M.D.L., Belgium
Expat teacher and translator

When I started career counselling with Elissavet @TheCoach.Teams, I was quite lost about my (career) life, I was full of thoughts, without a clear idea of which option to take. I really enjoyed the way she guided me through the introspection questions and how this brought some clarity for me. It helped me to realise (reminded me) what I like doing, what I’m good at and what is truly important to me. I appreciated very much the realistic and pragmatic approach of Elissavet while at the same time the encouragement to pursue my dream. I came without clear expectations of what would be the final ‘result’ of this counseling and I am happy the way it turned out for me.

Expat expert at the European Institutions


Job-search package
  • If you need to define your next job-search goals, to clarify what you want your next career step to be, and to have someone challenge, motivate, mentor, and above all inspire you during your next job-search, then this is a package for you.
Career coaching package
  • Do you need to redefine your goals and reconsider your career path? To clarify what you want to do next in your career, to identify your skills, competencies and personality characteristics and how these may be best utilized to make the best possible choice for your career path? Then this package is designed for you.
Business mentoring package
  • Are you considering starting up as freelancer on a full-time or part-time basis? To have a mentor to work out together your action month in the course of 90 days? Then this package is for you!


Job-search workshop: goal setting and the job market
  • Are you looking to find a job, or to change your career in Belgium? Do you have difficulty to define what you want to do next? How to explore the job market and what are specificities in the labour market in Belgium? Are you a (doctoral) student and want to make the transition to the private sector or explore your options?
    If you like to be surrounded by open-minded people that face the same challenges and work out a plan in a group, then this workshop will help you immensely!
Job-search workshop: CV tailoring
  • Do you feel stuck changing your CV every time you apply for a job? Are you looking for tips on how to tailor your CV for every new job application that will increase your chances to get selected? Then this workshop will help you immensely!
Bootcamps Job-search bootcamp for researchers and graduates
  • If you are a university graduate, a researcher or a graduate student and you want to explore your career options, or looking for a transition to the private sector in an open-minded environment with like-minded people, then this bootcamp is for you.
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