Are you an international in Leuven and stuck in your job search or do you want to explore a different career direction? 
Are you curious to find out if working with a job coach is something for you?

We want to connect you with people that can help you with your career planning, resume building and interviewing so you can land the job or promotion you always wanted. 

To get you on your way, International House Leuven sponsors the first coaching session. 

No strings attached, you get to decide afterwards if, how and when you continue with the program.

How it works?

You register for the first free session, sponsored by International House Leuven.

1st session - 1hr

Define your Goal and Target your Career Plan Including tips about the Belgian labour market in the sector of your interest

After the first session takes place, you decide if you want to continue with one of the following options:


Career development

2nd session - 1hr 30min

Learn about Yourself and your strengths
Analyse your strengths with a mix of personality, competence and values questionnaires and a follow-up discussion to determine your strong points in relation to entrepreneurship and your business plan.

3st session - 1hr 30min

CV tailoring, motivation letter and linkedin profile
Examples and adaptation to YOUR needs

4st session - 1hr

Interview mock up

3st session - 1hr 30min

Develop an Action plan for your career path

4st session - 1hr

Follow up on the Action Plan

The sessions are conducted online (Teams, skype, zoom) and are spread among 6 to 8 weeks tailored to the needs of each individual.
We offer continuous email support during the period of each package.

dr. Elissavet Lykogianni is an experienced career coach and business mentor who has lived and worked in Belgium for the past 20 years, with professional experience in more than four other EU countries. Find more information @