Career coaching package


Do you need to redefine your goals and reconsider your career path? To clarify what you want to do next in your career, to identify your skills, competencies and personality characteristics and how these may be best utilized to make the best possible choice for your career path?
Then this package is designed for you.

The sessions are tailored to the needs of every individual; however, they follow a general structure:

  • 30 min intake session for goal setting
  • 90 min discover your personality, interests and competences
  • 60 min define your next step and create an Action plan for your career path
  • 60 min follow up on action plan and feedback
  • Continuous email support during the period of the package
  • The sessions are spread among 2 to 6 weeks tailored to the needs of each individual.

50% discount for KUL students and IHL members